Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Its Freezing!

Sissy is modeling a teddy bear tree skirt I made in the early 80s that I am looking for an adoptive home for. The pieced side is red and green Christmas prints with a red ruffle with teddy bears on it. The reverse is a teddy bear winter fun print and the teddy bear ruffle is complete on this side as well.

I have spent the day sewing bowtie blocks and I'm going to go to bed now because the heater will be dropping and it's ten below outside so I'm going to get in the bed where it is warm. Its so cold I bet all 13 kitties will be sleeping on the heated bed with us tonight which means we won't be able to move all night! LOL We are definitely going to have a white Thanksgiving! Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I'm sewing & its snowing

I am sitting at my sewing machine sewing some bowtie blocks I found in the sewing machine drawer. Its been snowing since Sunday night here and it doesn't show signs of stopping. I love to watch it snow so I opened the curtain and I watch the white stuff getting deeper and deeper. Since its too deep to take my wheelchair out in I get to stay home and sew! I will post pictures of the snow and the bowties when it is light outside and the 6.5" blocks are completed. I think I have enough for 2 lap robes that I will back with some john deere flannel and then take them down to the VA hospital near my home. I hope to deliver 6 laprobes just after Thanksgiving. 2 tops are made two are half sewed and 2 are cut and ready to piece. It shouldn't be a problem if the kittens don't eat them before I get them quilted.

Here is a photo that is too adorable to not post.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Decorating the Tree?

I put the Christmas tree together and started decorating it but all the kittens in the house started trying to help. They wanted to play with the ornaments and bead garland and it was so much fun watching them that I just kept redoing what they kept undoing.We have always had cats so most of my ornaments are shatterproof but nothing is kitten proof!

These blocks are much brighter than the photo suggests. I am setting them with black kona solid sashing. The the outside border is going to be a bright pink floral. I hope to have it basted and ready to quilt by Christmas.
I am also working on trying to get this top together. It is called Christmas in July because the colors are Christmas Red, Green, and Beige/Gold but the patterns are not Christmas at all. Most are floral with a few being paisley. I won't hand quilt this quilt because I want a good sturdy throw that can be used all year. I will machine quilt it or send it out for machine quilting. I think I will have several left over blocks so I might make a table runner too!
I am sewing the blocks for this pattern as well. (I never work on just 1 project at a time) This tree will be a wall hanging that I will decorate with antique buttons and charms I have been collecting for many years. I have all the ivory background blocks finished and most of the green ones are finished as well. The past 2 years I have made an extra block each time I sewed a block and added it to the stack. As soon as I get the drunkard's path blocks finished I will start putting the whole thing together. I doubt that I will get it done in time for this Christmas because the kittens are too much help but maybe next year! The idea is to have a tree whether I feel like decorating one or not.

I have a couple of free items to give away to my blog followers. One is a desk top calendar of my custom designed quilts the other is a box of scraps from my stash clean out. If you follow my blog just email me your snail mail address to  with "FREEBEE" in the subject line and I will put your name in the drawing. I will do the drawing on December 1 and the packages will go out the same day!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

More quilts to show

I never really liked Barney but when a chemo kids says they want Barney on their cuddle quilt they get him. I hand painted the twelve blocks and then pieced bright flannel pieces for the sashing.
This Scooby Doo quilt was another Chemo child's request and since I always loved Scooby Doo I had a great time hand painting the blocks and then set them with 4" squares of more bright flannel. I just love being able to combine my art work with my quilting.

And These 2 Spiderman quilts were both made for Chemo kids before any Spiderman fabric was available on the market. I'll pick out more to show tomorrow.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Custom Designed Quilts I have made

This one is called Window Watcher. It started with 4 rail fence blocks that I trimmed to pinwheels then sewed into the window panes. Then I took the pieces I had cut off and cut some half square triangle the same size and created the outer points. When the top was done it was way to plain so I hand painted one of my cats on fabric and appliqued it sitting in the window.
This is the Spiderman quilt I made for my DGS. First I created the rail fence blocks using reds, blue and the background fabric. Then I hand painted the Spiderman onto white fabric with fabric paints. The I cut out the Spiderman and appliqued him to the background and appliqued a big full harvest moon just above him. Then I cut strips from a fabric that had 6 citys skylines on it. I used 2 Seattle and 1 San Francisco because he had been to both of those towns. He loved it! I backed it with a turquoise flannel that could go to his college dorm it he wanted.
This one I started by taking the lame fabric and backing it with 100% cotton iron on interfacing. Then I alternated the lame and favorite scraps of fabrics I had collected over the years with a black tone on tone. Once the quilt was finished I took satin ribbons and antique buttons I had collected and ran them from the upper right to the lower left. Once it hung on the wall I put my Christmas tree up in front of it. After Christmas when I went to take down the tree I took the On Wings Of Light fairy ornaments and hung them on the buttons to get them out of the way until I could get their boxes out. Turned out I loved the fairies handing on the buttons and never did put them away. I just kept adding to them as the new shipments arrived. And that is where they still hang today.
More Quilts tomorrow!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Why I'm not Sewing

This is what 9 very active kittens have done to my sewing room! Everything on the floor and headed that way was very neatly stacked on the shelves. The shelves all the way around the room have been unpacked onto the floor. I have picked it all up and put it all back neatly on the shelves at least a half dozen times and yet when I come back to the room a few hours later it is all right back down on the floor. So for now I have given up and I will find something else to do and I'll pick it up one more time...after the kittens have gone to new homes! I only have myself to blame for this. I was the one that said the safest place for the kittens was my sewing room so we turned it into the nursery. Now the little buggers think all my fabric and thread are theirs! I guess I will have to wait for them to find homes in a couple of weeks before I go back to my sewing and quilting. If I can wait that long!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

No sewing Happening Here!

The 6 kitties in the nursery figured out how to get over the barrier making the barrier redundant! Now they are everywhere and they have not been trained to leave my sewing alone! Every time I try to step on the sewing machine pedal I step on a kitten! So for now I give up and play with the kittens to get they used to humans so they can all find good homes! Anyone close need a kitten in mid-November?