Thursday, January 15, 2015

Help Fund My trip to Africa         

The quilt is my most recent one done. It was made in November and December and will be going to South Africa with me. It is all hand quilted but it is machine pieced. I am making a pillow case out of the left over scraps.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Teddy Bear Central

Someone here talked me into doing a one day craft show that will be indoors. So I have been busy making teddy bears out of fabric for the show this Saturday. I have 28 bears ready to go to the show and I am still working on other projects. Here is a look at all 28 and then in sets of four.

I am exhausted but they are ready in time!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

 This is the most recent quilt top to be finished. It is done with batik jelly rolls. Very simple but the cat seems to enjoy it very much. I have been sewing and trying to finish some projects I brought with me. This one still needs the outter border.
This is another view of both the cat and the top. It is next to impossible to get a picture of a top in this house without getting a cat in the photo. And since they are my first round of approval it is a good deal for both of us!
I have finished two other tops but I haven't got pictures of them because my camera broke and I haven't learned to take good pictures with my new camera.={

Monday, May 27, 2013

Finally finished

The colorful afghan is finally done. No two rows are the same. They are each a different color or a different type of fuzzy yarn. As you can see the cats love it. I haven't finished the fringe yet but the rest is all done and I have started a different one with all the left over yearn from this.

The top is the centerpiece for the Community living room that will sit on the Coffee Table until after the 4th of July. The bottom is the arrangement I did to put on the coffee table for the spring. I have done several others but will have to get photos as they bring them out for the different seasons.
This is one of the smaller arrangements (minus the yellow ribbon) that sets on each of 3 end tables in our community living room. As the seasons change I will take pictures of the other arrangements that I have made for the living room. I also have several wreaths I made for the door of my apartment. These change every month except the red white and blue will stay from now till after the 4th of July!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Many years ago I started making bears out of cotton quilt fabric. Well I found my old pattern and I am at it again. Just about everyone in the senior center wants one so I have no idea how many I will make before I finish or get bored. But here are some of the ones I have done.

There are several more but I only have individual pictures of them. I will see if I can get more pictures added so you can see them all. Just like the ones I made years ago these are signed on the bottom and given both a serial number and a birth certificate.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Finished Quilt!

This is the quilt I finished hand quilting. The center was mostly done except for the very outside pink pieces. Then I did everything on the borders. And it wasn't a twin it was a full size quilt. It took a couple of weeks of 12 hour days to get it done but I finished before Halloween!