Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas in the new home

This is my Christmas Tree in my new home in Michigan. I still have 2 more boxes to unpack but I don't have any place to unpack the items into so for now the boxes stay packed. I have done a little sewing since I arrived here and I love my new home. I am sure once I finally get everything organized I will do more sewing. I haven't found a quilt group here in my new home yet but I haven't done much exploring. It took me several more days than I had planned to drive to here and it took a great deal of time to get a new routine down. I am a night person and I now live in a senior center than is mostly filled with day people. But they have been very helpful in finding furniture and the things I need that I couldn't bring with me. 

There aren't many quilt shops in this area but I brought quite a bit of fabric with me as everything was wrapped in fabric as packing material. The books I brought with me are still stacked along the wall and will stay there until I manage to get bookshelves to put them on,  unless the cats keep knocking the stacks down. But I am looking forward to a quiet Christmas in my new home. It will be quite a change from the stressful Christmases of the past several years. I got my tree up by myself and decorated my way without any arguments as to how the proper way to decorate a Christmas tree or even why bother attitude. 

I have a Christmas wreath on my door and decorations in all the rooms except the bathroom. It will be decorated next year but the budget didn't go very far this year. But I love my new home and I love the area I moved to and I will never regret making this move with just me and the 2 Siamese cats. They are happy in there new home too and can usually be found under the Christmas Tree. I have met many of my new neighbors and find most of them very nice. They are beginning to discover that I have a lot of creative talent and I enjoy helping them by making things for them. 

At this time of the year I haven't had the money to send my usual Christmas cards out but next year I will have budgeted for the stamps ahead of time like I always have done in the past. But I still wish all my family and friends a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year!
This is the tree during the daylight!